The Achaia Fruits has modern packing in a covered area of 1600 m2 within proprietary area 10000 square meters in Coil – Aigio with sorting line processing and packaging capacity 100 tonnes of fruit as well as line mikrosyskeyasias (GIRSACK DIKTY).

In our area we have 3 chambers-prasinismoy capacity of 30 tonnes of everyone as well as 4 200 tonnes of cold rooms with controlled atmosphere. Also, the Achaia Fruits has owned trucks – refrigerators for transporting its products. Product quality is the first priority for this and has created a large network of experienced partners and producers assess controls and supports all phases of cultivation, aiming at constantly improving quality and expecting to maximize consumer satisfaction.

The ACHAIA FRUITS has group producers certify every year for correct growing practice, pesticide residues etc. capacity 3000 tons of citrus. Turnover is 7000 tonnes in all fruits. In addition, the Achaia Fruits has experience and capability for a variety of packaging depending on the needs of its customers.

All its fruits Achaia Fruits are of excellent quality and selected from the best producers in Greece.